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    Summer Learning Free Worksheets & Workbook

Lumos summer learning program is one of the best summer learning programs for remediation. The activities in the summer program are filled with fun, and at the same time, they will help bridge the summer learning loss with ease. Check our summer learning program.

    Free Mindmap Creator

The Lumos Mindmap Creator tool will help you to create mindmap online for free. Learn more about Free Mindmap Creator
    Free Readability Checker

Lumos Write Metrics is an innovative writing and readability analyzer that helps you to quickly test the spelling, grammar, and readability of your text and shows you areas of improvement. Learn more about Free Readability Checker
    Free Text Complexity Analyzer

The Lumos Text Complexity Analyzer tool is designed to help you become strong readers and writers by analyzing the quantitative features of a text that are typically difficult for a human reader to evaluate. Learn more about Free Text Complexity Analyzer

    Free Question & Answer Generator

Lumos Comprehend is an automated solution that helps you build questions and answers for your textual content —within seconds and completely free, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Learn more about Free Question & Answer Generator

    Lumos Learning with USASBE

Lumos Learning is excited to announce a partnership with USASBE, an inclusive community that is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice.
    Launch of Lumos WordUp

Lumos Learning is released a free Chrome extention to help students build vocabulary based on their grade and reading level. You can download the extentaion at Google Web Store Lumos WordUp

    Free Vocabulary Practice at LumosLearning

Lumos has made vocabulary practice fun and easy with Lumos FlashCube. Let the students build the vocabulary with fun. Go to https://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/resources/vocabulary-word-practice.html

    Covid information kit for schools

LumosLearning created covid information kit – It is a free information tool which schools and other organizations can easily add to their website to make accurate information available to their community members within minutes. Find more at https://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/parents/covid-19-information-faqs-kit-for-schools.html

Search Educational Resources

Edsearch is a friendly search resource,you will find all the books,videos,presentations,worksheets etc,related to your topic or grade with appropriate results.

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